Sunday, November 29, 2015

I just wanted a couple of square wreaths!

'Tis the season!

I did not leave my house on Black Friday, so yesterday I had some serious making up to do!  I was on a mission - two square dried boxwood wreaths, stat!  However, they were nowhere to be found.  (That didn't keep me from finding a bunch of other stuff that I DIDN'T need, though!)  Five stores and more money than I'd like to admit later, I just about gave up.  Then, at Michael's, as I was in the line that stretched back to the floral department, the angels were singing.  On the rack in front of me, four square boxwood mats.

Now, I'm not sure how anyone would use a full square mat of boxwood, but they were intriguing. I stepped out of the ever growing line to get a closer look. One was a little brighter green than the others, so I went for two that were closest in color.  Ok, ok, they're not dried boxwood, they're plastic. But when I flipped them over and saw the back, my heart dropped a little because I wanted to hang them in the kitchen window. 

Then I realized that if I used two to make one it would look OK from the outside too, so I grabbed all four and headed over a couple of aisles to grab some floral wire.  Though they were plastic, they looked easy enough to modify. They are made of super soft, pliable plastic, so I didn't even need wire cutters, scissors did the trick.  I started by leaving "two rows", but when I got that done, I realized the opening wasn't big enough, so I ultimately left only the edge and one row of squares.

Once the center was removed, I went in search of the floral wire I picked up, but it was nowhere to be found.  I guess I'll find it in about April of next year. No problem, though, strips of green vinyl would work just fine.  I just cut little strips and wrapped one around each side of the wreath.

I added a bow and a little twine to hang them from Command Window Strips, and at about 3:00 this morning after putting up and decorating the tree, I was all done and had my two square boxwood wreaths!

I wish they were just a little bit bigger, but I'm pretty happy with them!

What do you DIY for the holidays?

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