Monday, October 26, 2015

Out of control dresser drawers get put in their place

Guys, I have to confess to something... I have a little addiction.  It's got massive control over me.  It's caused tension with my husband.  I've worried a bit myself at times.

You see, I can't walk into Target without picking up a couple of Merona tank tops.  Ever.  I mean, they're perfect to wear alone, layer with each other, layer with sweaters, T-shirts, really, anything. They were overtaking my laundry.  I could never find the blue one I wanted because all the others were in the way, and my dresser drawer pretty much always just looked like this:

... and because that's how it looked, besides never being able to find what I wanted, everything always had to be ironed (ha - anyone who knows me knows that's not true! - let's be real) thrown in the dryer for a minute - before I could wear it.  So when I went to put laundry away for the first time in a few weeks this weekend, it was time for an overhaul.

If you've read much of this blog, you know I travel a bit for work.  This means I've become pretty savvy with packing, and the #1 tip for packing well?  Roll it up!  I decided to apply that theory to my tank top drawer.

The only thing was, I had to find just the right size for the tank tops to not be too tall or too short so that I could stand them up to be able to actually see them all. I had some baskets I wasn't currently using that just happened to fit perfectly in the drawer, so I started trying different rolls until I found what worked for me - the triple fold and roll.

The tanks fit perfectly, they're neat, and now they'll be wrinkle free too!  By using the baskets, I was also able to be all OCD about it and seperate solid colors, prints, strappy tanks (true cami's for those of you who are wondering what "strappy" means), and paint covered project tanks.

This ended up leading to the rest of the dresser, including vertical storage in the T-shirt drawer, and cleaning out the closet too!

Wanna place bets on how long it all lasts?


  1. What a great idea! Can you spare a month to come help me organize EVERTHING??

    1. So far so good! And I've offered a hundred times! I'll come do it sometime - but you've got to be willing to get rid of some stuff :)


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