Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The 2014 Blur. Time to reset!

Well, hello there!  It's been quite some time!  I hope you all had a great December holiday of your choice!

As I prepare for 2015 and refresh the closets, cabinets, and inboxes, I thought it was high time to refresh my love of writing and blogging again!

Quick recap... I got a new job, we put our house in PA up for sale, had a buyer, moved to Florida, they backed out, I travel a lot, we found a new buyer, and Florida is beautiful!

There, you're all caught up.  

I thought I'd ease back into this blogging thing a bit.  I started this blog two years ago as a way to share my projects with my family and friends far away.  I will have more of that, in fact, there are some posts already in the works.  But first, I wanted to share some of what has kept me away.  I think once you see, you'll fully understand!

Happy New Year!!

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