Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Most people rightfully identify with Christmastime when they hear the words in that headline.  Not me, I'm a Summer girl, and OUR POOL IS OPEN!  Yes, yes it is!  I have been outside just about every waking moment that I'm not working since the air temperature has been above 50° and loving every minute of it.

On April 12, I pulled all of the pool stuff out of storage and got it all kicked into gear.  Following the methods on this site (which includes opening before the water temp reaches 50°), I opened to this beautiful clear water!

It didn't take much more than some additional water (with the help of my trusty DIY fill water filter) and a little sun love to get to the point where the past few weekends have been spent just like this - except with me ON the raft.

The water's still a little chilly at 76° today, but you know what, if I can get on the raft just right, I don't even know how cold the water is!

Now for all the not so fun, but oh so worthwhile stuff about making an above ground pool not only relaxing, but look good too...

My awesome husband finished up laying the rocks under the deck and came home with some plants on Mother's Day that will soon fill up some of the blank space. 

We had this small retaining wall done by a great landscaper so that all that mud you can see in the picture on the day I opened wouldn't happen anymore. I've never been so excited to pay someone else to do a project in my life!  Not only did I not have to fight the rocky soil, but I know it was done right, and there won't be any more mud pushing into the pool after a rain.

This pool has been a process, but we're finally nearing the finish line. With the help of the huz and my brother, since this thing was installed last year, about 3-4 tons of rocks have been moved, I've learned how to take care of it, and now all we really have left to do is stain the deck and this project is DONE. I can sit back, relax, and float my stress away!!

Wait until I tell you about what I noticed for the first time in four years as I floated yesterday!!

What's your favorite (at least nearly) finished project so far this Spring?

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