Monday, March 10, 2014

My new obsession.

Winter has had me down in the dumps.  I have no creativity flowing, no new ideas popping up.  The only thing I can think about is that I want to move back to where this can be my view any time I want.

Instead of this.

Yep.  I lived in Florida once before, loved it, then we got smacked with two hurricanes two weeks apart 10 years ago and it sent me running for the hills.  I'm over that PTSD and ready to live with 80° and 110% humidity again.  

I get that Spring is coming, but even the 60° days we've had lately haven't really touched that white stuff.  I love the beauty of the seasons, but this Winter stuff is for the birds!  

Wait, no, even they fly South for the Winter!

I also get that there's a very, very good chance that Florida will someday experience hurricanes again. But I don't even care. That hasn't kept me from looking at real estate online, at all.

The good news is that I'll be there in just a few, short days!!

So what has gotten you through the bitter cold and snowstorm after snowstorm we've had pretty much everywhere BUT Florida this year?

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