Saturday, January 11, 2014

Music and dancing.

This is one of those "human" posts that we see from time to time. Yes, this is a creativity blog, and I don't write or play music, but I feel the need to write and this is what's in my head right now.

I had to go to the doctor yesterday because I've been having some pretty substantial back pain for a while and I was starting to worry that maybe it was more than just muscle pain.  It wasn't, and the good doc sent me straight to a chiropractor.  Do not pass go, go straight there.  By the way, I love that I have a doctor who believes in real, natural body healing.

Anyway, as part of this appointment, I had to step on the big, scary scale.  You know the one - they slide the little weight over the "big" number and then have to slide the little scale to the smaller number to add to it. Let's just say that both had to slide over too far to come to a sum that is very unsatisfactory.  I eat well, though yeah, just like everyone else, I probably ate more than I should from November - December.  Going to the doctor in January is just mean.

So I finish up there, head to the chiro who was AMAZING.  He found the spot that was causing the issues, worked it out, showed me some stretches to do at home, told me that I need to move around more, and we set an appointment for next week. 

See, I had chalked this up to walking around NYC for a couple of days in heels.  But when I explained that I am in my car, A LOT, for my job and that often, when I'm not, I'm at a computer, he said the issue was likely just exacerbated by the torture of walking many city blocks in those evil shoes, and told me to find some flats that I can fit in my computer bag so that I never do it again.  There's a reason you see Manhattanites in suits and sneakers.

So with both appointments, it was quite obvious to me that  truly need to get off my ass.  I've never been much of an exerciser.  I've always loved hiking because it's fantastic exercise that didn't feel like exercise.  I hate gyms. However, Winter doesn't really lend itself well to long walks or hiking in the woods - my two chosen remedies many years ago when I still tried.  I LOVE to dance.  Even when I didn't drink, I used to go out every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday night just to dance.  I've always loved to dance.  So... even though I don't like resolutions, it's late enough in January that this doesn't have to really be called a resolution. Starting today, I promise to dance more.  It's great cardio and stress relief, I love music, and if I lose a couple of pounds as a result - even better.  

The best part - it's not just all about an iPod, CD, or recorded music.  I get to see these guys live tomorrow night and dance for a couple of hours straight!  

If you don't know who they are, I don't know if we can be friends.  Just kidding, but seriously, if you don't know, check them out.  You'll be dancing in no time!

Just call me Meredith or Christina.  It's time to dance it out.  Dancing makes you brave, and I could use a little of that, too.


  1. That's a fun goal-not-a-resolution. I like to do "dance parties" with my kiddos, and I know it's a good calorie burner!

    1. Dancing makes the soul shine... or something like that! I'll try anything that doesn't feel like exercise!

  2. Hello, I'm Cynthia and we are in the same tribe with SITS Girls Tribe. Looking forward to connecting socially with you! ~let's support each other~ Dance with your "Monkey Pants" on.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for stopping in! Love fellow Root fans!!!


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