Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's a blogiversary! No photos, here folks, just a bit of a read!

In two more days, it's been a whole year since I started this thing!  I had wanted to start a blog for quite some time... I was the girl who always had a journal going growing up - I LOVED to write (and I still have most of them - they should probably be burned!)

When I first thought about it, though, I didn't know what, exactly, I wanted to share with the world. Then I decided to take down some wallpaper and an idea was born... what a way to share my projects with my friends and family all over the country as though I was sitting at the kitchen table with them! I know my mom follows, because that what moms do, but as I mentioned in my last post, when my aunt told me she also reads on Christmas, I knew I was still on track.  Friends and family will never let you down!

I've found a ton of amazing bloggers that I follow now, too - all for different reasons.  Some because I love their projects, some because I love their humor and wit - some both!  This is a strange little world - Blogland! You have the vets who are happy to stop and and leave a little comment love for newbies like me (and just FYI - nothing makes someone's day like that will!  Shout out, especially, to Kelly at View Along the Way and KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms - you ladies inspire me!) You have the people who found you through a link party or Pinterest and they let you know they like something - again, amazing!  And yep - in Blogland, you even have mean girls - the ones who "talk" to you like you're less than them - I can't figure that one out... maybe it's because you DON'T blog full time yet you're apparently taking up bandwidth and readers from them, even though that's not happening in a million years.

I didn't set out here to find readers and make this a full time gig, but I still find myself checking stats more often than I should - how many views? Any new comments?  Where's the traffic coming from?  I love each and every new person that comes along and lets me know that something I've said has gotten their attention - thank you!

One thing I can say for sure is that I definitely stuck to the tagline I came up with at the start - experiments in creative randomness!  I love to dig into a project and really do nothing but focus on it until it's done. I've always been that way - something about Type A according to my mom.

I don't plan projects, usually, and I've never done a project just to have something to post about. every now and then, though, as I'm doing something, I'll decide that it would make a great post and grab the camera.  What you see here is real, folks.  I hope I can keep it interesting and keep you coming back - who knows what I'll come up with in 2014!  Again, thank you for reading, and nothing better than comments to a blogger - even if they are only part timers!  Happy New Year!!


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  2. Happy Blogiversary from one creative experimentalist to another! I am excited to get to know you through our SITS Girls Tribe!

    1. Thanks! It may have been a year, but I'm still such a newbie! Love SITS - and your blog!


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