Monday, November 25, 2013


I'm on a roll today!  I cooked breakfast (OK, brunch... OK, late lunch!), made a roast for dinner, put up the Christmas tree, did all of the laundry and finished 13 gifts!  Well, that last one, 12 of the gifts are the same so it was easy, but still!  To prove it - I'm still up at 2:00.  Gonna be hatin' that tomorrow morning.

Because I'm in a Christmasy mood, I thought I'd share some fun printable gift tags with y'all!  Check 'em out and go download them - and enjoy!

For those of you with a Silhouette, you can also grab the Studio file as part of the FREE STUDIO SERIES below and not only print, but cut too!

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!!

 Printable Gift Tags - Boho Willow

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Indoors + photography = no bueno.

As I watched old episodes of Will & Grace, I made a little Christmas wreath tonight and I tried my best to take some good pictures.  The lighting in the house is terrible, so maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

I did, however, find some great OUTDOOR pictures from our last trip to Florida on the memory card, and in honor of the 36° and wind whipping at 30 miles an hour here right now, I share this little beauty with you.

I don't want to rush through the holidays, but....

Summer is just 6 months and 28 days away!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Creating things is supposed to be calming.

I typically love crafting, writing, and creating things because it's my stress release.  There's something very satisfying and Zen-like to have a project, even if it doesn't work out the first time.  In fact, that's why I started this blog.  I had so many projects that I wanted to share with my family and friends who don't live nearby, this was a great way to share with them and NOT fill up my Facebook wall with things that not everyone would enjoy.

I haven't had an opportunity to do much for a while.  This weekend, I knocked out a few projects.  A couple of baby gifts for friends (well, two that were already done, but finally got boxed up to get shipped - sorry, ladies!) I made cinnamon pecans, pepperoni rolls like the ones I shared here, baked potato soup, and I even pretty thoroughly cleaned my house.  As my husband was settling in for some Sunday night football, I thought I'd tackle a little project I'd been thinking of doing for a while - a floating glass ornament.

I'm in a Facebook group of wonderful Silhouette users, and I've seen all kinds of different ornaments being posted the last couple of weeks.  Lots of glitter, ribbon, feathers, all kinds of stuff.  I'm a keep-it-simple kinda girl, so when I saw something like this one yesterday, I fell in love.  Luckily, I had 2 ornaments just waiting for me to do something with them.

Let me just say - to all of you making multiples of this, or who are selling them - GOD BLESS YOU. Never in my life have I tried something that was such a pain in the rear end!

So to create this floating look, you cut a circle the size of the ornament from any kind of stiff plastic using the Silhouette.  Seems lots of people are using transparency film, but that would have required that I wait until I have some, and if you've been around here before, you know that just wasn't an option.

I had a box of battery operated candles in a drawer, so I emptied out the box and cut up the plastic to use for my circle.  The ornament is 3", and the plastic was something like 2.8", but I figured I'd just put the straight end that would result from not having enough plastic in the bottom of the ornament which would be covered with "snow" so no big deal.  Except I didn't think about how that would cut my Silhouette mat.  Fail #1.

Then, I sent the vinyl through for the lamp post and the star and applied them to the plastic.  This was the best/easiest part of the whole thing.  Smooth as butter.  Then came time for the sleigh.

I had to cut that frickin' sleigh 5 times.  Remember, the whole circle of plastic is only 3" (minus a tad on the bottom), so it was small.  And the vinyl I was using wasn't cooperating.  I would try to weed the negative vinyl out, and a rein or a sleigh blade would break.  So I'd cut it again.  And again.  And again.  And one more time.  Finally, the fifth try, the sleigh's blade broke, but I didn't care, I applied it to the trash turned craft material plastic.  Fail #2.  (Do you SEE the pile of trashed vinyl in the bottom right of the photo?)

Then, you roll the whole thing up and slide it into the hole at the top of the ornament, and when it falls in, viola - you have a floating ornament!  Wrong.  I guess I rolled it too tight, so I spent the next 45 minutes trying to get the lady in the sleigh to not look like she was climbing on top of the man. With that, the thing tossed and turned and was every way BUT right side up.  Fail #3.

Finally, I got it pretty straight and decided to use some Epsom salt for snow.  I grabbed a little funnel, got the salt out from under the sink in the bathroom, and poured some in.  That part was also very easy - smooth as butter.

Then it was time to take a picture so I could share with the FB group where I got the idea to begin with.  Did you know that every stinking light within a 5 mile radius will reflect on your glass ornament when you're trying to photograph it?  After several attempts at making a more "staged" picture, I finally just held it up out of the lights and took a picture. Fail #4.

All in all, though, I do really like the ornament.  But the whole experience reminded me of a warm family memory we share from a small two bedroom apartment and a 9' tall x 6' wide tree we received the first year that my parents were separated.  All I'll say is that then, my brothers and I had to ask an adult family member not to say the "f" word at Christmas.  Sorry, I now totally get it.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dear Blog, I had no intention of abandoning you.

Well, life has been VERY hectic the past few weeks. I haven't had time to do any projects, therefore, no inspiration to write about. I traveled a ton for work last month, got a cold, and really just feel like I got caught up yesterday.  (if you follow me on Instagram - I did get some pretty cool shots in NYC!)

To any bloggers stopping in - what do you do when you hit a slump?
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