Saturday, October 12, 2013

Travel, meetings, rain, and travel again!

It's been far longer than I like since I've posted.  I've been traveling for work, and it just takes up every waking second, literally.

It sounds fabulous.  Last week I was in the Fort Lauderdale area for meetings and next week I go to Manhattan for more.  I'll admit, we went to Florida early and made it a long weekend, saw friends and family, spent some serious time floating around a pool in the hot sunshine, ate a lot of food and had some drinks... and the meeting was great! I got to see this for a brief minute.

When you travel for work, which I used to do much more than I do now, everyone thinks you get to see all of these amazing places.  Sometimes you do, but for the most part, it's airports, rental car facilities, hotel rooms, and conference rooms - and rushing to get to them all on time.  Think Up in the Air.  It's a mostly accurate depiction.

The days are long, the nights are short, and you're fully exhausted when it's all over.  I came home Wednesday night and the pilot did a great job of getting the plane to BWI a little early.  Only problem with that was that there weren't any gates open, so we sat out on the tarmac for a good half hour, and I ultimately got home at 1:00am.  I'm very happy that today is Saturday.

I missed Fall.  Not in the "wishing I was home" way, in, it's over.  I missed it. South Florida doesn't have Fall, they have 90 degree sunshine and beautiful blue skies dotted with puffy clouds.  With all the rain we've had, there aren't many leaves left on most trees already.  I missed it by being gone for a few short days. It's a trade off, I guess, for only having about 20 minutes of rain the days that I was in Florida. I was able to enjoy beautiful weather the entire trip.  That said, every time I visit Florida, I miss living there so bad it hurts.  Someday, someday...

Do you travel for work?  What kind of "me time" do you fit in while you do?
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