Friday, May 24, 2013

From Willow to Boho - Bathroom update!

It's DONE!  Finally!  Well, done enough to share some updates!  On Saturday, I started this little project that was really just supposed to be painting the top, oh, 1/3 of the walls to fix up the new drywall installed when our new tub was put it.  That turned into painting the walls and the cabinets, changing out the faucet, light fixture and thermostat, and of course completely redecorating.  Oh, and the whole "broken S-Trap in the sink" thing. Apparently, when you bump into the top of a pedestal sink too many times, it can crack the trap in the drain pipe. My husband was thrilled with me for that one - there was lots of bumping into that stupid sink when trying to remove the drawers of the cabinet.  Those things are in there for life, or at least until I replace the sink that won't let me tilt them down far enough to get the rollers off of the tracks!

Anyway, that's not why you're here.  You want some good old "before and afters" and some close ups and stuff. So here you go!  Please note - I'm a hobbyist blogger.  I often forget to take before pictures until I'm actually into a project.  Hope you like the splash of green Frog Tape with the red paint!

I love how bright and happy our little bathroom is now!  I wanted a color out of that vacation photo I shared in a previous post, and Benjamin Moore's Graceful Sea fit the bill perfectly.  But, once I had the paint up on the walls, I just couldn't leave that wood cabinet bare anymore.  It was begging for a good weathered look.

Only after I started removing the old light fixture did I think to grab the camera again, and I couldn't wait a minute more to finish with the light first!  But, see what I mean?  What fun is that?  So, I did a little demo and took the doors to my paint booth garage to get started! (I'll share how I did it in in another post for anyone not into blogland where you see things like this quite often, though mine is just a version of what so many do, I guess!) I will say, my husband thought I was nuts while I was doing this, and I'm still not convinced he's digging the new look.  I, however, love it!  

It's a very small room, but again, the whole idea was to fix up where the tub had been replaced... but that part's not even done yet because we decided to tile above the shower walls.  That's a "some other weekend" project since this part took so long and we're planning on just relaxing over the long weekend this week.  It will get done some day, I swear, but at least that drywall/cement board now has a good coat of primer on it if nothing else. The tile is already sitting in the house, as is the adhesive and grout, so it WILL get done.

In the meantime, just pretend that spot with primer on the wall in this picture isn't there.  I had a hard time deciding on a shower curtain and reached out to Facebook for help, so I have to show what I ended up going with!

Of course, you all know that now that this is all done, I want new flooring in there, right?  I think I'll wait to spring that one on the huz!  

Have I mentioned that I love the grey-washed cabinet now?

Thanks for checking it out!  I leave you with one more before/after. Recognize that willow tree?  :)

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UPDATE July 2, 2013!!
We finally finished the tile above the shower walls!  LOVE It!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bathroom Update Weekend

With Boho Willow style, my bathroom is certainly the most "willow" room in the house.  Literally - I have a willow tree (the one that's in the header above, actually), a black and tan checkered shower curtain with willow trees, and a few other accents. The walls were painted this deep red when we bought the house, and I love it, but since my awesome husband replaced the tub last weekend, it was time for an update.

Some drywall had to come out with the old tub, and the piece in the back needed to be totally replaced.  I decided rather than trying to match the red paint, since I now had a nice, new tub calling my name to take a soak, I needed to freshen up the entire room and go for color. This picture from our vacation was my inspiration.

So, I spent yesterday gathering supplies and priming the red out.  Luckily, it only took two coats of KILZ white primer to get rid of that red!  And even better, we have bead board wainscoting on the bottom 2/3 of the walls, already white, so I got the Frog Tape and taped away hoping I ONLY have to paint the drywall.  By the end of the day, my walls will be a beautiful turquoise - Benjamin Moore Graceful Sea - the beadboard will be white, the walls at the top of the shower walls will be tiled, and my bathroom will be (hopefully) gorgeous! 

Stay tuned for the reveal and the always appreciated before and afters!  (well, kind of... I forgot to take true "befores", but you'll see enough!)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

PSA - research the people you hire to come into your home!

If we're friends in real life, or even on Facebook, you're probably tired of this story.
If we're not, this is for you! 

The title of the post... "PSA - research the people you hire to come into your home!"

Seems pretty basic, right? Yeah, well, even the best of us mess up from time to time. If I were to hire a plumber, or an electrician, or any other person to come work in my home, you bet that I'd be doing my research before hiring them. Unfortunately, when choosing my Grandma's Mother's Day gift, I didn't. And she got ripped off.

I come from a very small town in West Virginia where everyone knows everyone. My Grandma's vision is deteriorating, so I decided I'd hire a cleaning company to do true Spring cleaning for her this year as her Mother's Day gift. My whole life, she had the same cleaning lady come every week, but Ruby is older than her, and isn't getting around so well herself these days, so I asked around. A few friends recommended a local cleaning service, I checked them out on the web and on Facebook, saw that the owner of the company and I share several friends, and she advertised that she did background checks, so decided to go with it. Just. Like. That. I kick myself every day now for that decision.

You see, the "owner" of said "company" (more on those quotes later) decided to go ahead and hire someone she knew she shouldn't. She told me so in a private message on Facebook once this was all out in the open, and I now share with you - "I knew (the thief) had a past but a few ladies at my Moms church really advocated for her. (The Chief of Police) told me she was not a good bet, but I let her clean for friends and never alone. The schedule was so tight that week that I sent her knowing (my "sister") would keep an eye on her." I'll have negligent hiring for $5000, Alex.  Oh - and good to know that the background checks advertised consist of asking the Chief his opinion... and then not following through with his recommendation.

So yeah, the person that the cleaning "company" sent to clean my Grandmother's house... the one that she was told not to hire, stole my Grandmother's pride and joy right out of her jewelry armoire. We know this to be true because she's already confessed to the police.  Her wedding bands (my grandfather's been gone for 38 years) and my great-grandmother's wedding set were included in what the bitch lifted. Mind you, these rings were deep in a drawer in a dresser full of jewelry, and she decided she wanted them, or at least the paltry sum she got for them (still waiting to hear just how much she got for them - I would have gladly given her $500 if she would have just left the rings alone and not broken my Grandma's heart.) And to top it off, the jewelry store (read: not a pawn shop) she sold them to? Took them apart immediately making it impossible to ever get them, or the stones, back. I got into a nice chat with the owner of the store about that one. Apparently, unlike the rest of the country, WV has no law that stores need to hold onto goods when they buy them - there's nothing in the law that says they need to give rightful owners a chance to claim their stolen goods. Every other store - and pawn shop - in my little home town connects with the police on who brings things in to sell that it JUST DOESN'T SEEM THEY SHOULD HAVE. This store? Nope. The owner actually told me that I had a terrible attitude and that he didn't owe anything to someone who didn't have their valuables locked in a safe deposit box. I don't care if they were hanging from a string with a note that said "take me" - they were NOT that crackhead's to take, and the jeweler, as far as I'm concerned, knew they didn't belong to her, or there would have been no rush in melting them down.

So now, we're waiting. We're waiting for the thief to go to jail, likely for some time as the value of the rings put this at felony status in WV. We're waiting to hear back from the investigators and attorneys on holding the "business owner" accountable for her actions in hiring, and we're waiting for my 85 year old Grandma to recover from a broken heart.  I was waiting for the "owner" to, at a minimum, offer me a refund on the cleaning, but scum is scum, I guess.

What's that saying? "No good deed goes unpunished."

Oh - as for the quotes with "business" and "owner" - turns out not only is she not bonded or insured, she's not even licensed. Also against the law, so we're lobbying to have her punished accordingly.

Be very careful, folks!

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Time to plant the flowers!

I've always planted flowers Mother's Day weekend, but now that my mother lives so far away and I have to travel to see her, I decided to get everything planted this weekend.  Well, to be real, this picture that The Country Star - one of my favorite little shops deep in the heart of Lancaster Co. -  posted on Facebook pushed me to get it all done this weekend.  I had to have this wheelbarrow, so my husband and I made the trek to bring this guy home today.

Source:  The Country Star
They aren't usually open on Sunday, so I decided to take the chance and I was so happy that the wheelbarrow was still there (especially because a woman who got there as TJ was loading it up said that's what she had come for too!!)  But, I didn't ask my husband to leave the couch during a Phillies game just for a wheelbarrow - I also picked up an old wagon wheel.  Since we got the backyard fenced, it's so big and open and BORING.  So, I got these babies home and decided I had to go get flowers NOW.  Let the planting begin!

It's hard to see it in the picture above, but each found a new home in the corners of the yard.  I had gotten a weeping pussy willow tree over the winter that I planted yesterday into a whiskey barrel and decided that daisies (my favorite bloom) would be a perfect companion.  I decided to go with Gebrera daisies and African daisies in pots.  The space behind the wheel needed something so I planted some variegated grass that should grow at least 48" tall.  

I filled up the new birdbath and bird feeder - isn't this adorable?

And I potted the plants for the wheelbarrow, even though I really just wanted to fill it with dirt and plant directly in it!  I decided it's better to be able to change things up quickly while protecting the wood...  Kindly ignore the lack of grass in this corner.  We're still waiting for it all to come back in after all of the dirt from the fence posts being dug settles.

This is the view from my home office window, along with the Dogwood tree I planted last year.  I can't wait until everything gets all full and bright!

Then, I had to move to the deck.  I fill the deck boxes and planters every year, and every year, they die.  Let's hope for better luck this year!  Just about everything has some Impatients tucked in just for good measure.  They're hidden under the taller plants to get the shade they love.

I love this time of year, even if I can't breathe.  The flowers, the green, the cooking out!  I hope you're also having a great Spring!  And to the moms - Happy early Mother's Day!

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