Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I really haven't left you...

If I actually have any readers?!?  Just been busy with work and when I'm not -  a ton of different projects, mostly with my Silhouette.  They're all gifts, so until they are delivered to the receiver, I can't share the photos! Wouldn't want to ruin the surprises!  But here's a little sneak peek - my first paper cut and fold project:

I seriously love this machine!  MUCH more to come!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I might have a Font problem.

It's either that, or DaFont is just that cool.  These were all FREE for personal use, many were free for commercial use as well.  If you download any, just be sure to read the fine print if you plan on selling anything.  I'm addicted. Now to find some projects for all of these!  I'm starting an Easter one tomorrow - any guesses on the fonts?

Monday, March 11, 2013


It's been a while!  We went on an unexpectedly extended vacation and I'm just getting back to real life!  We went to Florida, as we do each year, for Spring Training and to visit our friends and family.  We can't ever just go to Florida and sit in one town, we have to tour the whole state, or at least the Southern part of it.  The great thing about where we used to live - and where our friends and family still live - is that it's within 2 hours of most major airports in FL.

This time, we flew into Fort Lauderdale, drove to the West coast for our annual Phillies Spring Training games (and my beach days), then back over to the East coast a few days later for some time with those we love in Fort Pierce, then back to Ft. Lauderdale and home!  The day before we were supposed to come home, we get an email from the airline to change our flight due to the big snowstorm of the Northeast that never was, so we were extended for a couple of days.  Not that it's a bad thing - at all!  But, it was a bit chilly in Florida as well.  Not completely unusual to be a little chilly, even in Florida, in March, but it didn't get out of the 60's except for 2 days.

Our first day there, my husband went to a Spring Training game in Fort Myers (he just hadn't seen enough with the drive from Ft. Lauderdale and North Redington, I guess) and I spent the day at the beach.  The hotel we stay at - the DoubleTree in N. Redington - has cabanas on the beach, so even though it was a bit windy and that wind was chilly, I rented one for the day and turned it around just right so it actually blocked the wind and I got some much needed Sun Therapy!

Toward the end of the day, I got my camera and went for a nice long walk.  Let me introduce you to my friends I met along the way!


Can you tell I love shore birds?  I love every one of those shots for different reasons.  And I love that in a 1/4 mile or so walk, I saw at least 6 different types of them!

But, let's be honest... the real reason we go to Florida every year is for the Phillies.  I took advantage of our awesome seats to play around with the different lenses and filters I have.  Still learning how to use this darn thing, but I'll share the best of them!  

We decided to go a little earlier this year so maybe it wouldn't be as crowded.  Other than the weather being a little chilly, it was the right decision.  The day we left FL, the Phillies crowd was the largest on record when they played the Rays at Bright House Field - below.  There were 11,000 people in this place that day.  We've been there before when they announced that the crowd was 8,500 strong.  It sucked - I can't imagine another 2,500 people at the stadium.

With these seats, I got to get some pretty good photos - and TJ got some autographs, so that made him happy! You'll see most of the photos include Chase Utley.  That would be because I was in charge of the camera!

Howard warming up 

What a crew!

 Chase and Jimmy warming up

Ryan Howard getting ready to knock one out of the park...

... and bringing Chase in!

It was 69 degrees in the ballpark that day according to the scoreboard, but I'll say - it felt like 85, easy.  There was no wind at all, so that day I probably got the most sun of the whole trip, but only on my right side!  

We even got to see Mary (who seems to prefer being called "Mare") who is always right along these seats, every year!  She told me when she passes, she wants to be buried in the outfield, but only after Cole Hamels agrees to marry her.  Love her.

The next day, we traveled to Fort Pierce, and even with the chill in the air, the water was absolutely gorgeous. South Florida Atlantic Ocean photo bomb time.

It was a WONDERFUL trip, and any vacation is a good vacation, to me.  With any luck, someday, this will be me and my honey!

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