Sunday, February 17, 2013

Full laundry and mudroom reveal!

I got my new toy earlier this week which allowed me to put together all the finishing touches and now I can share! I'm so happy with the way this all turned out that I MIGHT actually do laundry!  But first, let me introduce you to my new little friend...

  With the introduction of this little guy to my arsenal, I'm on a roll!  I was up until ungodly hours cutting and laying out different things to finish this space.  So, just to remind you, some before and after shots...
Mudroom/entry before:

And after:

The only thing missing from the above shot is my newly created Mudroom canvas that will get hung today:

Laundry room before:

and after...:

The other side - shelving before:

And a whole lot better after (again, with help from the Silhouette):

Finally, some details found in the room.  I think the ladder piece makes me the happiest.  I bought that at an Amish mud sale a couple of years ago, and finally, it has a use!

Who knew a laundry room - my laundry room - could be so lovely?  I'm very happy with the way everything has turned out!  Now... which room is next?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Laundry/mud room sneak peek.

Not quite ready for a full reveal, but here's a sneak peek of what a little paint, re-purposing, and elbow grease (OK, and a couple of purchases) can do!

Mud Room (Entry) Before:

And a little bit of after!

And the laundry side...


And after!

Heckuva lot better than before, huh?!?  Once I get what I need to completely finish, I'll share more details!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Laundry Room redeux - GO!

Every day when we leave and come home, or when people we know come to our house, the basement door's used since it's right off the driveway, and it is the entry to a combo mud and laundry room.  The only things I liked about this room were that the two areas are somewhat defined by the configuration of the walls and the large amount of storage in cabinets and the "shelf closet" as I call it - shelving in half and a closet rod opposite the washer and dryer.  The rod made hanging things right out of the dryer a breeze, but the open shelves were a landing zone for anything and everything.  We tried to keep the cabinets to pantry style - extras that were bought at the warehouse club, etc. However, they were all stuffed full, of what, I'm not sure yet - it's all in boxes all over the place and I plan to take the "toss/donate/keep" approach with it all before I put anything back. Though there's ample storage, it's not exactly efficient or pretty, and most of the stuff that was being stored probably should have been tossed long ago.

So that leads me to what I disliked about this room.  Generally, there was no personality... and it was the entry into our home!  The cabinets were all mismatched and looked like a 5 year old hung them. And, as I'm sure is true with most houses, it had become overrun with laundry (the stuff you don't need right away - old rugs, old sheets, etc.)  With Sasha's litter box, all the random dirty laundry, shelves with stuff thrown on them, etc. it's not exactly a welcoming room.  The only things we really needed were the appliances (washer, dryer, deep freezer), the utility sink, and I guess Sasha needs a litter box somewhere, but I even have a plan for that down the road. The space needed a good clean out, but I couldn't stop there.  I had to get some paint on my hands (and floor, and legs, and hair, and clothes!)

I ran around yesterday picking up everything to get it done and woke up this morning and went to work.  Now, I need another Sunday!  I asked TJ to rip down the cabinets in the mud room side of the space and would like to replace that whole setup with my idea for Sasha's litter box hideaway/mud room furniture piece someday. I'm grateful that when I got home, it was done, but I gotta say... having all of the car cleaning supplies and house cleaning extras just sitting on the floor in there is making me a little crazy.

That's the plan I sketched out for myself to get ready to make the Home Depot run yesterday.  Happy to say, when I went over it w/ my husband, I didn't need to buy much - our shed is pretty stocked with things just waiting to be repurposed.  I picked up some boards for shelving (to build out the whole closet), a longer dowel for the new straight-from-the-dryer hanging location, some paint, and new hardware for the cabinet  doors.  (By the way - there's a sign at HD where they cut the wood that says "No Precision Cuts!"  And they weren't kidding.  Our brackets were 10" deep, so I got three 10' lengths of whatever the cheap 10"x1" wood was (birch, maybe?) and I had a guy there cut them down to 53" for me, only to get home and find they're anywhere between 52" and 57.") Since TJ reminded me last night that he was OFF today, I knew the boards that needed cut down weren't going to get done (he has to do any projects with sharp, rotating blades - I'm not quite there yet), I decided to paint the inside of that closet.  I ordered some pretty sweet baskets last night (cheap - check out The Lucky Clover Trading Co.  if you're into baskets for storage, decoration, or just in general) to contain only the junk we actually need on those shelves going forward - now the car washing kit will have a new home - and I can call it a kit, because it will all be in a basket together!

I cleaned just a little as I know I make a huge mess when I get into these projects, finished the closet, and started the cabinets.  I was hesitant to start them, it really did take quite some time today to get that part going.  I started making other stuff up to do until I realized that they needed a total of 12 hours dry time between coats before I even got to the final coat, so I finally started pulling the doors off.  I painted the kitchen cabinets some time ago, and it wasn't much fun, and it doesn't seem the "primer" in the paint with primer I used helped the paint out all that much.  It looks OK, but since I painted it a year or so ago, I do touchups about once a month. So, for these cabinets, I picked up one of those Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kits, and I've gotta say, though I wasn't sure I would be, I'm pretty happy with the way things look so far.  I got the "Federal Blue" dark kit, and the base coat sure looked purple before I added the gloss. It took everything I had in me not to just paint over those purple cabinets and scrap the whole thing several times today.  I just kept telling myself "the glaze is brown, it will look OK!"  I'll need to add a coat of protector tomorrow night and then I can start putting everything back Tuesday - then I'll be sharing!

My feet hurt, and my back hurts. It's bedtime!  It's 12:39 on a Sunday - SuperBowl Sunday actually - and I do have to work tomorrow.  And just for fun, here's a couple of no-shame-before shots.  My home as you see it when you enter - what a mess!

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