Sunday, December 29, 2013

The best thing I've made with my Silhouette - by far!

I wasn't sure how to title this post, but what you see up there pretty much fits, because as much as I don't like making people cry, it brought tears to this beautiful lady's eyes.  She is my amazing Grandmother that I share with 14 fantastic cousins.  She has given all of us so much, including quilts for the "big" events in our lives or just because she felt like making one.  I thought it would be nice to give her some of that homemade love back.

What I love the most about my Silhouette is being able to personalize things for people I love.  I don't sell anything, I haven't made multiples of anything I've sent through the machine.  I just try to come up with things that are meaningful for my friends and family, and of course, myself.  

This tale starts with a pine board...

I took it out to the garage and started sanding, then I stained it with my trusty Kona stain.  You'll just have to trust me on that part, I forgot to take pictures.  

Then, I added some crackle medium in random spots, mostly around the edges.

After that dried, I brushed on some black acrylic paint, again in random places.

Then, after that dried, I went over the whole thing with some white mixed with antique white craft paint, then took it out to sand some more to get a rough, distressed finish.

Then, I wiped on some brown glaze to really "beat it up."

I had asked those 14 cousins to send me a picture of them with a quilt. That alone was a challenge with all of us being spread all over the country, and two of them having recently spent a considerable amount of time OUT of the country.  Luckily, last year was a "quilted Christmas" - so I had a few pictures myself for those who just couldn't find one.  

I played around with different ideas of how to lay out the photos, went to PicMonkey to try to come up with collages, and nothing was really working for me.  In the end, I took those texted, emailed, and Facebooked photos and sent them to WalMart to have wallet size prints made.  (Let's just say that entering WalMart a few days before Christmas was a treat in itself!)

Once I had the prints, I cut black card stock down to "frame" the photos then laid them out on the board to determine how much room I'd have for vinyl.  I had these little miniature clothespins and I thought arranging the photos around the board using them would be sweet, so I laid it all out and glued the clothes pins in place.  Again, I was busy creating so didn't take photos of this process.

Then came time for the vinyl... I struggled with what I wanted to put on the board, I wanted something sweet, but not too cheesy. I found an image of a distressed white board online that I used to make some mock-ups and went to work...

Ultimately, with the help of some amazing women I'm lucky enough to know, a design was chosen and the whole thing came together.

The really cool part is that I thought to record the opening so that a cousin who had to leave the annual family Christmas Eve gathering could see, and that is a gift that I will forever treasure.

I hope your holiday was filled with family, love, and laughter just as mine was!!

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  1. What a beautiful picture of the two of you, and such a thoughtful gift.

    1. Well, thanks! I'm so glad everyone helped and that she loved it!

  2. Jona!!! This is amazing! Brings tears to my eyes! You are such an beautiful, thoughtful person! I'm sure she will treasure this!!!

    1. Well, thank you! I wish you weren't anonymous though :)


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