Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Custom name word blocks

In my Silhouette'n for Christmas post, I promised a tutorial on the wood blocks I made for my dad for Christmas.  These are so easy, it's ridiculous.  But, my camera skills were working that day, so here goes!

A while ago, I shared a picture of a pile of wood with a caption that read "future project."  Now that the holidays are here, I finally dipped into that pile and got to work!

I started with sanding the blocks to buttery smooth with my trusty Mouse.  

Once that was done, I wiped them down with tack cloth and got to work staining them with my favorite stain - Kona from Rustoleum.  It just brings out the wood grain so beautifully.  I stained each side and edge.

Then comes the tough part... the part that requires patience... waiting for them to dry just a bit, maybe 10 minuets, till I wiped off most of the stain.  Once that was done, I just let them dry overnight.  If you have a fireplace or a wood stove, I highly recommend doing this part near it.  Not close enough that anything can catch a spark, of course.

While they were drying, I cut out the vinyl letters and had all intentions of simply applying the letters to the wood and calling it a day.  Once the letters were on, though, I decided to paint one quick coat of antique white craft paint over the "G" block and the one that I wanted to use for "family" since I knew I wanted to use a different color of vinyl for that one. Once I painted them, I waited about an hour and peeled the "G" off, leaving me with this - check out that wood grain peeking through!

I considered doing more of the letters this way, but I liked the simplicity of just the first letter.  I ran over the edges and corners of the "G" and the "family" block with a sanding pad to rough it up just a bit.  I then dabbed a paper towel over an antiquing ink stamp pad and quickly dabbed it onto the two white blocks.  I think the finished product is pretty good for a "manly" gift, don't you?  They kinda look like they belong in an old western!

Though I used my Silhouette, you certainly could do this project without one.  Card stock can be Mod Podged, you can buy decals and stickers, or maybe you have some real scissor skills and you could cut your own letters (I don't - that's why I have a machine that cuts for me!)  I've seen a ton of holiday sayings being made using blocks, kids names, important dates, whatever your mind can think up! What will YOU make?


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