Monday, November 25, 2013


I'm on a roll today!  I cooked breakfast (OK, brunch... OK, late lunch!), made a roast for dinner, put up the Christmas tree, did all of the laundry and finished 13 gifts!  Well, that last one, 12 of the gifts are the same so it was easy, but still!  To prove it - I'm still up at 2:00.  Gonna be hatin' that tomorrow morning.

Because I'm in a Christmasy mood, I thought I'd share some fun printable gift tags with y'all!  Check 'em out and go download them - and enjoy!

For those of you with a Silhouette, you can also grab the Studio file as part of the FREE STUDIO SERIES below and not only print, but cut too!

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!!

 Printable Gift Tags - Boho Willow

Shared at The Sunday Showcase @ by Stephanie Lynn, That DIY Party at DIY Show Off

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