Sunday, September 29, 2013

NOW we can say it's Fall!

Today is my (too close to 40th) birthday.  I don't share that to get "happy birthday" messages, but rather, to share some long standing beliefs.  There's a rule in my house... it's not Fall until my birthday. That's when the decorating happens, that's when the scent changes from whatever beachy smells are wafting through the house to pumpkin and spice, and that's when Fall arrives.  I don't care what a calendar says, it's not Fall until September 29.

Boho Willow Fall Wreath with Burlap

Don't get me wrong, I love Autumn.  I just don't like what comes after it, so I somehow feel that if I deny it a week (OK, 8 days), I can enjoy it more.  No matter how badly I want to deny it, when you see lots of this when I'm out & about, I simply can't.

Last weekend, I was trying to break my own rule and start decorating for Fall.  If you follow Boho Willow on Facebook or Instagram, you know that didn't happen. (If you don't follow, you should hit those tickets over there at the top right and get started! Well, what are you waiting for??) 

As I was cleaning things to get started, I finally admitted just how badly the living room need painted. Next thing I knew, after a couple of trips to Lowe's and Benjamin Moore, I was covered in paint and the room went from sooty white (we have a wood stove) to a nice, warm Manchester Tan. Even though I HATE painting, now that it's done, I (capital) LOVE it. (That'll teach me to break rules!)

Part of my birthday "tradition" (I made that up. It just started last year.) is a tour of Lancaster County Amish farm stands and some of my favorite little shops.  Since everything is closed on Sundays, I went yesterday and it all gave me the push I needed to get all Falled up.  When I got back with some fun new finds, I did as much as I could until Huz had to help me hang some shelves and then it all got put back together again in a few hours. With my new pieces and tons of things found around the house, I bring you some eye candy!

We don't have a mantle (yet), so the yard sale desk, my aunt's old shelf, and a couple of (pretty much) wall length shelves get all the goodies.  You can see more about the first two here.

It all actually starts in the front yard with some garden flags, stacked pumpkins and hanging mums and mums in whiskey barrels. (And a couple of doggies in the window.)

Then you hit the front door, which is in dire need of a wardrobe change, but it just can't decide what color it wants to wear, mostly because whatever color it chooses, two more doors, two garage doors, and shutters need to agree with.  And they all just can't seem to get it together.  Cantankerous doors!

Anyway, even though the door is hue challenged, I had this grapevine wreath that I found at a garage sale a couple of years ago for a nickel, some homespun and button flowers from one of my favorite shops that I picked up last year, and some burnt orangey burlap, so that all came together to make a simple wreath. Then late last night, I decided to add some bunting using burlap, twine, and my Silhouette.  What you see above is the final result!  Those flowers are so darn cute that they deserved a close up. Those mini clothespins ($2.47 for a box of 20) are the only "new" part of this wreath, so we'll just call it free, even if I did pay for everything at some point. Couldn't be cuter!

When you walk in, it's like a little Fall wonderland.  I love the colors of the season all year round, really, a fact that's pretty apparent as soon as you step through the door.  Most of this is stuff I already had, but I did score a few great new pieces yesterday.  The jack-o'-lantern that's hanging from the hook was a birthday gift from Wise Brunette and the bro last year.  Isn't he adorable?

The glass pumpkin on the desk was a steal at Country Creations here in Lancaster yesterday, it was $19.95, then 50% off.  Growing up in WV where glass making is a way of life for many, I couldn't believe the deal! That stem!

Glass Pumpkin

I love all things pip berry and bittersweet.  They live in the house all year long, but the colors get changed up from time to time.  Old tin pitcher?  Always.

Pip Berries

This jack-o'-lantern is actually made from a dried gourd right here in PA.  A little LED flickering candle fits him perfectly.

Clearly, nothing says Fall like pumpkins and apples. Except maybe hoodies and leaves, but I digress... This fun little piece gets a prime spot every year.  I got this years ago when I was living in Florida and missing the seasons.  Quite likely it was a dollar store of some sort find when I was trying to convince myself that living on the beach was, in fact, OK to call home.  Silly me and my homesickness.

We "accidentally" hung the shelves a little higher than they were, so I just filled in as much space as I could without it looking "junky" (I hope.)  The dogs and cat are known to climb all over the back of the couch anyway, so at least now I shouldn't have to pick up fallen stars.  We'll talk about that blank wall and oversized TV cabinet in a minute.

Only two Fall pieces made their way to the shelf over the couch - an adorable little crow sittin' on a punkin and a burlap pumpkin. 

This corner shelf was my aunt's, and when it came to live with me, it was unfinished wood. It took me years and the thing surviving countless moves and two hurricanes to finally find the right fit.  This is the piece that actually started the MS Silhouette thing I've got going on.  The end table was a $5 win at a Mud Sale.

The tea towel, basket, and fabric apple were all finds yesterday.  I already had everything else.  I love the orange glass with all of the dark colors, and I do want to repaint the little Welcome Harvest signs, someday.

We're going to skip over the TV cabinet and windows and go right back over to the front door.  This little table/shelf/console, whatever you'd like to call it, was also my aunt's, and it also sports the MS Silhouette.  I kept the decorations pretty neutral here with a straw pumpkin, white real pumpkins, bark candles, a huge pine cone, burlap lamp shade, yada, yada, yada.  The chippy mirror above the table used to be opposite of itself and I really like it where it is now. 

And that's pretty much it for the living room!  I guess we can call this something of a reveal, but it's not done yet, it's just decorated for Fall.  While smelling all vanilla pumpkin spicey.  

The only other thing I've really done, so far, is these special little pumpkins.  Seriously, if you don't have a Silhouette, you should get one.  Now.

his and hers pumpkins

Sooo... about that bare wall and that huge TV cabinet.... I had our wedding guest book quilt (you can see it here) hanging on that wall, but it gets awfully dirty. When I took it down to paint, I nervously washed it and I don't want to have to do that much in this life. It's totally fine since we did have everyone sign the quilt squares with some fabric pens that we supplied, but it was still nerve wrecking. I'm not sure I'm going to hang it back up, as much as I love it. So now there's a big, blank wall just begging for some furniture or a gallery or something... not sure what I'm going to do here yet, but whatever it is will be great, I'm sure.  

The TV cabinet is either getting painted or swapped out with the one we have in the basement.  Soon. Stay tuned!

Thanks for checking out my little bit of Fall!

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