Saturday, September 21, 2013

New look and some tips!

I'm a lover of all things Fall, but this year, I'm a little unhappy with it because it's already just too darn cool to float in the new pool!  It was inevitable, and on Sunday, it will officially be here, so I might as well join the party.

Because I can't just spend my weekends in a bikini anymore, last weekend I started working on this and every night this week was a late night.  I put a bunch of hours into making updates, so kick back, grab some coffee, and stay a while to check it all out!

I'm most excited about my new social buttons and navigation bar. I created these all by myself using Silhouette Designer Edition (social buttons), PicMonkey (Navigation bar), SnagIt, and Image Maps. If you haven't checked out Image Maps, you should!

I am not a graphic designer, and I am far from an artist, so Silhouette did the work, SnagIt helped me capture what I wanted, and Image Maps made it happen!  I did a quick video to give you an idea of how it all worked - check it out!  This isn't a full tutorial, it's a very "quick & dirty" video, but will show you enough that you can DO THIS!

This is such a cool tool - you upload your image, and then you can use a rectangle or a free form tool to link up your photos.  So much fun - I feel all big shotty now!  The possibilities are endless!!

Another valuable tip - make sure you backup your blog before you make major changes like this! Thank goodness I did, because I broke something when I was trying to update my header that I had worked on so much (the one you see here is version 876,538) and the "text" header that the base Blogger template uses wasn't removable.  As my heart sank, I Googled and found some help on several different sites and used this one at Bloggerial.  It was written when the HTML was easier to edit in a Blogger template, but it gave me enough to get it done.

You'd think that changing your Pinterest hover button would be easy enough, but I kept getting an error that the backlink needed to be fixed or something.  So, I just uploaded the old template and started again.  Two hours later - we're going live!!

I hope you like the new look!  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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