Monday, September 23, 2013

Boho Willow giveaway!

I asked my lovely Facebook followers to bring their friends to the party with a promise of a giveaway if we hit 100 likes - and they did it!

You're gonna have to trust my creative ability for this one!

Go down there to the comments and tell me where you're from and five things that make you think "home" and I'll create something amazing for the winner. Easy for you - and fun for me!

I made this little ditty for myself.  Call it a word search if you'd like... but the words aren't all straight lines and such, cause I couldn't fit everything I love about home in one piece!  Folks from NMWV - what favorite places do you see?

This piece was meant to be framed, I just haven't gotten that far yet, so below is just a digital mock-up. Yours will be, though - if you want it to be! I can ship a framed one or just create and email a digital file. Completely up to you!

1 - 2 - 3..... GO!   

**You must leave a comment (with your hometown and 5 words that address things you love about it) and be one of the awesome, lucky, beautiful Facebook likes to win!** 
 Entries will be accepted until Wednesday Friday night at midnight.

I tried to use a fancy comment system and the ability to leave comments was shut down for who knows how long - 4 or 5 days?  Since I made this rookie error, I'll leave this open till Friday!



  1. Yay it's working! I grew up overseas, spent 15 years in a few different places in Texas and I've been in Kentucky about 7 years. I'm itching to move again so I expect Kentucky won't be my address much longer.

    Home is the place where you can wear your PJs all day, the place where your coffee cup is exactly where you left it, a easy place to waste a day, not a magazine but when you walk thru the door you know who lives there, and where my various types and categories of babies are at.

  2. Yay! Born in Minneapolis and I live there today, but I was in Seattle for a few years and grew up in Northern MN in Grand Rapids. Home is my family. Home is where I make food with love. Home is where I don't have to expend energy to exist. Home is where I reset and regroup. And finally, Home is where my temperpedic mattress is.

  3. Born & raised in Buffalo, NY. Currently I am trying my hand at becoming a southerner in a small town outside of Nashville TN. Home....hmmm...that's a tricky thing. For me there are two homes. One is a feeling. It's with my family, no matter what city or state we are in. It's hearing my children laugh. It's my husband stealing a kiss in the kitchen. It's snuggling my babies and watching a movie. It's sitting around a table, eating a big thanksgiving dinner. The other is more visual. It's Salens Hot Dogs. It's Tim Horton's coffee. It's driving past a Chiavetta's chicken bbq and rolling down the window while inhaling deeply. It's walking on the beach at the lake, and skipping rocks into the water. It's amazing pizza baked just right, and mouth watering chicken wings....NOT breaded and served with blue cheese!

  4. Ladies - thank you each for playing! Because you took the time to check it out, there won't be a "raffle" - YOU EACH WILL RECEIVE A CUSTOM HOMETOWN CROSSWORD from me! Frames will be sent out in 3-5 weeks (I'm traveling a lot for work the next few weeks) Thanks for playing along!!


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