Monday, September 2, 2013

A tale of a pool and well water....

We live in the country.  We have a well.  The water that initially filled the pool came on a truck.  
(In a truck? On a truck? Whatever, a truck brought it.)

The pool needed topped off, even though we'll be closing it in a couple of weeks which makes me very sad, but, it only needed about 2" or so of water, and I didn't want to pay a truck to bring that little bit. 

The water at the hose is NOT treated and the well has iron and lots of sediment. To the point that when we filled our hot tub without knowing just how bad it was (because of our awesome water softener IN the house), and then started a conversation with the guys that delivered the hot tub without watching, and 15 minutes later, checked on the tub and we had orangey brown hot tub water.  By then it was almost full, so for a couple of days, through tears (me), we ran it so much that we went through a few filters as we swapped them out, cleaned them, swapped and cleaned, over and over.  And over.  

I didn't want an orangey brown pool from sediment OR from any iron oxidizing when the saltwater chlorine generator added more chlorine.  And I didn't want to have to use any more chemically stuff.  What to do... 

I thought about just skipping topping off since we will have to close it soon whether I want to or not, but it was scarily low in the skimmer.  So, I thought about it, like a lot, and I Googled it. For days. I asked people on the awesome forum I've been following to keep my pool trouble free.  Lots of people have found different things that worked for them.  Everything from serious stuff like tube socks tied to the ends of hoses to hold the sediment in to real life gadgets that cost $250. Mostly, it was reactive. Renting reverse osmosis systems. Wads of paper towels in the skimmer for weeks after filling to clean it all up.  Most people just used sequestrants and flocculents, which didn't really appeal to me, I wanted to keep from having an issue to begin with. Lots of ideas, but none too quick, proven, cheap, or easy enough.

I ultimately went to Lowes and bought some stuff.  If it works inside, albeit with more parts, surely a 30 minute topping off of the pool could benefit.  I decided that an under sink filter housing (and filter) and a 15' section of hose ought to do the trick!  I would have gone for a 2' section of hose, but 15' was the shortest they had.  I quickly checked at the store, and it seemed the hose end would fit into it just fine, so why wouldn't my hose at home?

Except it didn't.  And I made it work anyway.  I got the hose from the house to thread in to the "in" side of the filter housing (only by about a half a turn!) and the 15' piece that I bought into the "out" side - and turned it on low so that the hoses wouldn't come sprouting off, checked the water after a couple of minutes to make sure nothing orange was coming out, and filled it up!  Not a bit of anything but clear water coming from the "out" side!

Just call me MacGyver.

WARNING - this is gross.

This could have been in my pool! Think it worked?

No brown water here!  I test everything myself, but don't have a metal test kit, so I took a sample to the pool store a couple of hours later, after it all had a chance to mix around, and had them test for metals.  All clear!

I would have bought this if I had found something on Google with this setup. But I didn't, so I MADE IT!  I gotta say, of all of my DIY's, this one makes me most proud.


  1. Look at you go! Way to find a solution!

    Happy day to you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Karianne! It means a ton - I admire you and your blog so much! (BTW - can I move into the gate house?)


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