Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Grey Washing a Wood Cabinet with NO Sanding!

A while back, I shared my bathroom makeover, and I promised to do a quick update on how I took the built-in from this:

...to this:

With ZERO sanding!
It's really very simple, and quite fun.  After I'd removed the doors and light fixture and taped everything off, I slapped on some bonding primer with a 1 1/2" brush.  And when I say slapped on, I mean, messy.  Not trying to be neat at all. Husband looking scared. Slapped. It. On.

Ignore those spooky black ghosts of the old light fixture on the ceiling.  They met their maker.  Or got wiped, or something.

I did the same thing with the doors in my trusty paint booth (garage).  One coat.  The only time I was even remotely careful with the whole deal was when I was making sure I went with the grain.  

As part of the overall update, the plastic shower curtain liner I was replacing with a fabric one became the 
perfect work space. 

Once the one and only coat of bonding primer dried, I used a sponge brush to add some antiquing (read: black) glaze and old rags to wipe it down to get the desired look.  I love working with glaze because you can apply and remove as little or as much as you'd like, and no matter what, it always brings out the wood grain.  
By the time I got to this stage, I was soooo over painting, waiting to dry, and trying to have patience that I didn't get any photos.  But, once THAT part was dry, I used a brush to seal it all up with some Minwax Polycrylic, waited one more time for it to dry, and ended up with THIS!

See that wood grain?  Here's a little close-up from the original reveal post:

For the record, it's been about 3 months, and even with water splashing and pretty regular wipe downs, this is holding up just fine!

What have you transformed with no sanding, a little bit of paint and some glaze?

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