Monday, July 8, 2013

SWIM time! All other projects officially on hold!

I know I said this would be my next project....

...but I decided my backyard needed a little something more, so I put this together today to apply for permits!

What better to style next than my very own pool (finally!) and pool deck?  Yes, it's an above ground, because I need to know that I'll actually keep it clean and use it as much as I think I will before committing to the expense and permanence of an in ground pool!  

Plus, when it's 98° outside, does anyone really care what's holding the cool, clean water?

Stay tuned for updates!  Probably gonna look a little something like this with navy instead of beige. And no brick. Or pavilion. But the chairs?  Oh yeah!- and lots of DIY gonna be happening here :)

...and I MUST have this little guy from that I found on Pinterest.  Though I don't see it on Hammacher Schlemmeer's site anymore...  Check out my Swim. board and let me know what you like!


  1. We have an above-ground pool and I can confirm that the water feels just as delicious as it would below-ground. :) What a fun project to take on!

    1. Thanks for the confirmation. I'm so excited! It will be home on Thursday!


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