Friday, July 19, 2013

Pool update!

The pool will be in next Thursday!  I'm so excited, like little girl with a new kitten excited.  Well, maybe not that much... Maybe there's a little more love in that situation.  We've been in the grips of this stupid heat wave, and that pool just can't be done soon enough.

Then, I might just have to have something like THIS once it's all done!

I've seen this all over Pinterest, but they were all just shared photos, I couldn't find the site it originated from. Finally found it... on the member forum at with a how-to and all!  Haha!! Couldn't be more perfect.

I'm totally rednecking my back yard.  

The pool is still better than this one, though!

Speaking of Pinterest, have you checked out my Swim. board?  My pool may not be the fancy schmancy rock grotto sort, but I can't wait to do everything I can to make an above ground pool not-quite-so-redneck!

Hey - I am in the country, and I am from West Virginia.  Nothing wrong with a little hillbilly!

It holds water, I can float, I'm happy!

Have a happy weekend - and stay cool!


  1. That's my girl!! All you have to have is a place to cool off. I am sure it will look great once you add your personal touch.

    1. That's it - just some water to float on - that's all I need. I can't wait!


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