Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ceramic Tile Coasters with Silhouette!

A wonderful woman started a "Pay it Forward" exchange among her Facebook friends.  You get a package in the mail full of all kinds of goodies, take what you want, and replace it with something else, then send it on to the next person.

My Silhouette was calling my name this morning, and I knew I wanted to use it for this project anyway, so I grabbed what I needed and went to work.

Four different hearts and a half hour later, I had these! (See the pile of trashed hearts over there on the left? Yeah, so much for shortcuts!)  This doesn't even need step by step directions, it's so easy.

I have to say this... a chair mat?  So much better than just a way to keep chair marks out of the carpet and keeping your chair rolling.  It's also perfect for smoothing transfer paper to vinyl.

I bought a box of 4.5" tiles last time I was at the Habitat Humanity Restore for $3.00, not really having any idea what I would do with them, but the whole box was $3!  Who wouldn't buy that?  The cork Contact paper was a 5 1/2" wide strip I saved it from the kitchen redo - it's what I finally decided on for the back of the shelves. My husband just doesn't understand why I save such things. I was a bit smug when I finally had a use for it after all of these months. 

I sanded the back of the coasters just a bit to help the cork stick more evenly and wiped them down with alcohol and went to work. The hardest part was just getting a heart to stick to a tile with no bubbles. 

Once I got all of the vinyl onto the coasters, I cut the cork down to the right size, pressed it onto the back of the tiles, tied them all up with some twine, wrapped it all in bubble wrap, boxed it all up, and it's all ready to go!

I've seen a ton of different ideas for tile coasters using photos, scrapbook paper, fabric, and now vinyl on Pinterest.  Everyone might be getting these for Christmas this year!

Super easy, super cute, and a perfect Pay it Forward Project.  Also perfect for a Free Studio Series file to download since it's been a while!  To get it, click the button below.

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  1. You are just so creative!! Love this

    1. Thanks! Seriously, everyone is getting some for Christmas! Act surprised!

  2. What a sweet idea! These would make really cute neighbor Christmas gifts.

    1. Thanks, Kelly! Always looking for new ways to use my fun toy!


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