Sunday, June 30, 2013

What happened to June? Let's review!

It seems like it flew by, but then, all of this awesomeness seems so long ago too!

I finished off May and started June with lots of travel, both for work and leisure.  Add a Curly Girl cut and new ink - and it started off wonderfully!

West Virginia won the Taste of America contest for our pepperoni rolls, so I whipped some up and shared them with you!

I found a great Amish nursery - with fantastic prices - and added some more planters to the yard and the deck, or as my husband says, put more obstacles in the way of the yard work.

We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary - the first one we got to spend together - with the Phillies, at Ralph's, and with the most awesome gift I've ever gotten.

Finally, Tiki Torches make the buggy summer more bearable on our deck!

I have some great plans for July... this is my next project - the knotty pine TV armoire and the room!  Come back in a couple of weeks to check out the progress!


  1. Such a cute blog, and I love the pepperoni rolls. Looks just like what I grew up on - yep, I'm from WV, too. I am from Morgantown!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I grew up just a couple of hills over in Wetzel Co.! Always happy to meet another WV girl!

  2. You wouldn't get rid of it! The armoire. Painting it to match the rest? Your creativity and energy are most impressive! Look forward to seeing the next project. Your deck looks awesome! -sw

    1. Probably just a little remodeling of the armoire, but I don't think I want it black. Maybe a pop of color would be better... can't decide - which is why I haven't done anything yet! And thanks for the kind words! The deck would love for you to come see it!


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