Monday, June 3, 2013

Gotham, Boston, Pittsburgh and INK!

So let's see... May was busy!  I was in Manhattan, West Virginia, Massachusetts, and Pittsburgh - and most of that was just for fun - not even counting work trips to NJ, MD, and Philly. Somehow, in between, I did get the bathroom mostly done, but that's about it for ME being creative lately!  However, I was the recipient of some creativity that I'm excited to share!

So, to keep you all interested in checking BohoWillow out, here's some of the stuff I did manage to get done in May in (shoddy quality) cell phone photos!  Enjoy!

I took a train ride into Manhattan for a meeting... this is the view from New Jersey:

After spending a day in the rain in Manhattan and being more than frustrated with the mop on my head, I found a LOCAL stylist who specializes in THE curly girl cut - as in Deva Curl - as in the products I've used for a couple of years now, but hadn't taken the time to even call the Devachan Salon in SoHo, much less make an appointment... But, my new guy, Jon, at Frank Fico in Lancaster actually used to TEACH the method!  Score 1 for me, 0 for the frizz!  (Terrible - and dare I admit - no makeup - picture, but I loved my curls that day more than I ever have in my LIFE!)

I went to West Virginia for Mother's Day, and sadly, this is the only picture I took.  Though the fog settling into the nooks and crannies of the valley still looks pretty awesome, no matter how blurry.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the huz and I flew up to Boston for a nice long weekend that actually also turned into work for me. Before that happened, we stayed on the South Shore at the Nantasket Beach Resort for a couple of nights.  It was really cold the first day, but on Monday, I woke up to sunshine calling my name for a walk on the beach.  And lobster boats.  Well, truth be told, what was calling my name was the Dunkin Donuts with their amazing Massachusetts coffee down the street.

The beach there is so beautiful.  I love walking and collecting, and at this beach, the collections are mostly beautifully hued rocks rather than shells.  I did find some beautiful deep blue shells as well, and I passed a woman who was filling a bag with beach glass in greens and blues - my target for the next visit!

The trip was for my husband and his buddies to see the Phillies/Sox series - 2 games there and 2 in Philly, and they were nice enough to include me in one, so I got to see Fenway Park - and Yawkey Way before we went in.  I fell in love, and I want to be part of whatever group will keep this park from being replaced - or even worse, destroyed.

Yes, that is two photos that I matched up, poorly.

As I mentioned, I had some work to tend to while we were there, and after meetings one day, our group went to a fantastic steak house on Boylston Street.  Like any good American, I wanted to take a moment at "the" spots. The paper posted on this tree, as well as the scars in the bark set the tears off.

Finally, I wrapped up the month with a trip to Pittsburgh with my BFF to see Dave Matthews Band (haven't missed one since '94!)  The setlist was a bit of a bummer, but the time with my girl, the food we ate, and oh, the new ink were well worth the trip!

With just a few of our friends...

Andddd... the tattoo!!  I love tattoos - I love GETTING tattoos... and this was my first in about 18 years!

And that, my friends, was May in a nutshell!  Though my projects will likely be moving outside with the temps warming up, there will be more soon!

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