Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Backyard and deck planters - update!

Last month, I shared the first round of adding some color to the yard... We had such a pretty Saturday last weekend, and I happened to drive by a pretty nursery (wait - stop - something shiny!), so I've added some more planters - and have the pictures to prove it!  I bring you, the picture post. Enjoy!

In the wheelbarrow corner, I added 2 whiskey barrels with thrillers, fillers, and spillers! (Thanks, BHG magazine!)

I didn't know where else to put these large planters but in front of the clothesline supports....

I love peace lilies - I would have these wall hanging planters all over if I could!

This one, I did not make... I did buy this one just as it is.

And a sunny one, too...

Looking to the left... and yes, I do use the clothesline from time to time. Nothing better than one of my quilts, made by my Grandmother, dried on the line on a sunshiny day.

The carport wall under the deck is part of what I call "the 20 year project" - someday, the stucco will be completely gone and will be replaced with stone, or at least stone veneer.  But, why not pretty it up with plants in the meantime?  What you can't see in the picture are the two huge propane tanks that we need for the generator to run when we lose power.

And up on top, the tomatoes and peppers are coming in!  Love the Earth Box planters!

I just love the view from the deck (and my wide lens.) If only we didn't have a house right behind us messing it up!

That's it for now!  Check out lots of other good ideas for your outdoors here at the Summer Spruce up Series or here!


  1. I use my clothesline all the time. Nobody told me you didn't have to iron when you use a clothesline!! Your back yard is shaping up beautifully. Have a great week xox

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the nice words! I would use our clothesline more if I didn't have such terrible allergies!

  2. Your yard is absolutely gorgeous! I actually love your fence... looks much nicer than a traditional wooden fence. So homey! :)

    1. Thanks, Lindsey - getting there! The huz does the yard work, so I'm trying to keep it easy to work around! And the fence is by far the best investment we've made w/ 2 dogs!

  3. What a transformation! Beautiful and looks so very relaxing. One more nice tree and that house might disappear from your view. Great photos too! -sw

    1. "One more nice tree and that house might disappear from your view." ...For the summer anyway, maybe! And thank you very much! Can't wait to get the 20 year project underway! And a hammock - definitely need a hammock!


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