Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Project: Baby Gifts

So, as previously shared, I am part of a wonderful group of women, and most of them are either preggers or have newborns now (three rainbows and a foster baby so far!)  I have enjoyed making some special gifts for these little bundles of joy, especially with the way the relationships I have with their mamas came to be.

I got confirmation that the first of these gifts was delivered today, so I can finally share!  The first-born was Baby Gemma, and she kind of helped me kick this whole thing off.  Today, she got the package, and I got a gift!  I adore this picture, so with Mommy's permission, I share the joy with you:

Is this not the cutest smiling baby love picture ever?  

4/15 - updated with Mr. Harrison :)


  1. Oh, hair just like you had when you were born!! How precious!

  2. I love the print! So cute and contemporary! :)


    1. Thank you! They're so fun and easy to make!

  3. How do you put the name on the glass??


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