Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby boom! *UPDATED PHOTO!!**

I have a group of very special women in my life that all came together through a series of tragic events, or rather, a shared tragic event that we all experienced at pretty much the same time.  Almost exactly a year ago, we were all part of a "Women over 30 expecting babies in December 2012" group on  Around the 5 - 8 week gestation time, several women started experiencing losses in that group, and then when I did too, I started a "Should have been mommies over 30 in December 2012" group.  There are about 15 of us who have continued to stay in touch, moving from BBC to Facebook.

We've been through one of the most difficult things a woman can go through, but we've been through it together. I have a bond with these women like nothing I have with even my oldest and dearest "real life" friends.  We've had more pregnancies, more losses, more heartbreaks month after month, and we've done it together.

It's not all sad and unhappy where we are.  Many of these women are expecting babies this year, two have had their rainbow babies, and one who has been wonderful foster mom to a little boy just welcomed his bio sister to her home as well.  Anyway, because of this baby boom we've got going on, I've been in super creative mode to come up with something for each of these angels - using my nifty Silhouette Portrait, of course.

I can't share all of the photos just yet, they'll be arriving to the giftees in the coming days, and then I will, but this one... this one has been my baby for the past week or so.  I share the backstory so that anyone reading this can understand just how much love and appreciation for life went into each of these projects I will be sharing. I've worked along with the mama on this one, so it's not a surprise like some are (and will be.)

This guy is just over 4' tall and had to be cut in 9 pieces just for the trunk... plus there are about twenty-five 5" - 6" leaves and I am just so stinking proud of myself for getting it done!  

One day I signed into Facebook and in my newsfeed, I saw that one of the ladies in my group had sent a message to someone about a tree for the wall in her soon-to-be-born baby boy's room.  I immediately asked her if I could make one instead of her buying it, and I'm so glad she allowed me to!!  It's been such a great challenge and learning experience!  Now I can't wait to see it installed - and I might just have to make the 3 hour trip to help her get it done so I can see it myself in person!  (Plus I'm a little scared to ship it!)

As much as the way these women came to be so important to me just plain sucks, I can't imagine my life today without them in it.  And I am so happy that there will be all these new babies in the world that I get to give just a little piece of creativity to!

****Updated with the tree installed!!!****


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