Sunday, January 27, 2013

The kitchen is done! Well, almost.

After something like 2 1/2 years, the kitchen is done! As I've shared in previous posts, this has been a slow moving process, and as usual, I did it pretty much backwards.

It started with my husband and step dad tiling the floor, then I painted the cabinets, and then it sat for a good 2 years.  All of a sudden, on December 29, 2012, I decided it was time to tackle the wall paper, and every weekend since, I've been working on something to get to this point.  Wallpaper stripping, patching holes, sanding, taping, priming, painting, scraping paint and primer off of everything I got it on, cleaning... all of that led to styling, hanging, and admiring.

This isn't easy for me - starting something and having to stop to focus on real life before it's done.  But, work and life must continue, so many late nights and weekends later - here's the reveal - photo bomb style!  The photos were taken last night and this morning, so there's a mix of lighting in what you're about to see.  Yep, still very much an amateur at both blogging and photography.  I do really love that photo above, though!

First, I have to point out, this part, these shelves, yeah, they're not just not done, they're pretty much a hot mess. See the old cabinet green paint running down the side?  As you see them and the window over the sink pop up in the following montage, kindly ignore them.  Their time is coming.

So here goes - hold on tight!  It's such a breath of fresh air for me.  Here are shots from each corner (using my new awesome wide angle lens for some of them), then I'll share some of my favorite details:


*sidenote - that red apple cider barrel on the wall is soooo getting a MS Silhouette refresh!

Pretty cool, huh?  I realize it's not everyone's floor to ceiling tile, granite counter tops, crown molding, etc. style - but it fits me just perfectly! I truly wish I had a before-all-of-this-started photo.  The difference is just astounding. But, out with the old, in with the new, right?  Let's take a look at some of the details....

First - the paint colors.  The walls are Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray in Semi-Gloss and the cabinets, wainscoting  and trim are all Behr Heavy Cream in Satin.  When I first painted the cabinets, I knew I ultimately wanted a bright but neutral feel, and stark white is just too white for me, so it was the perfect shade.  When I picked up the gray for the walls, I got another gallon of the Heavy Cream and the paint drop on the top of the can looked really pink. To the point that TJ said "We're going to have a gray and pink kitchen?"  But once it's all up on the walls, they look really good together and the Heavy Cream doesn't look pink at all.  And the BM Chelsea Gray looks very tan on the paint chip at the store, but with all of the black details in my kitchen, it shows gray and really, the perfect gray. With a lot of brown, it may look more beige.  My biggest thing is I didn't want a gray that looked blue like so many of them do. The table and chairs and hutch were done when I got them from a local Amish crafter, but I painted any of the black framed pieces on the walls with Martha Stewart Silhouette and it's a good match.  

Of course, as with any good project, I've been collecting new items since I first had a thought of revamping this space as well as making last minute runs to my favorite stores for some final touches.  The Pfaltzgraff set on the hutch is a mix of his mom's, my mom's, and pieces we've picked up along the way, so his-mine-ours!  I'll never forget seeing that his mom had the same set - and that she still had most of the canister lids that had long been broken off on my mom's set.  That Village pattern made it's debut in 1976 and has since been discontinued, so it's very important to me.  The bottom of this thing is filled to the brim with the rest of the plates, cups, saucers and bowls along with my Grandma's Green Spring Blossom Corning Ware she and my grandfather received as a wedding gift.  I don't know why, but I can't part with these old dishes, and I actually picked up this hutch at a scratch and dent sale simply as a place to display the Pfaltzgraff.  This is a darker photo so I could see the lights I have running through the thing because what's a Boho Willow kitchen without lots of little features of light?

The rusted tin piece on the wall next to this was my first ever antique store purchase and since I've had it it's been three different colors and hung in 3 different kitchens.  TJ asked me how many more times I plan on asking him to hang it.  My poor, overworked husband.

Covering the sliding glass door was a bit of a nightmare.  I've had tab top panels on it since we moved in, but they were completely utilitarian, and you can't put all this work into a kitchen and not have something that you love. Layers of burlap and homespun fabric fit the bill pretty perfectly. Apologies, I can't seem to take two straight pictures.  Still learning how to be a better photographer.

The seed bag in the middle is just to break up all that burlap, though it's made of burlap too, I guess.  However, it's good smelling burlap seed sack - it's filled with "Country Pantry" potpourri from my favorite store.  I have since moved the flowers it's holding to the top of the hutch.  I'm one of those "a finished project is never really done" kind of girls.  

My favorite new piece in this kitchen is the key holder.  Yes, after all of this work, this little thing brings me the most smiles.  We basically had a pile of random keys on the shelf (the one that's not finished yet) and TJ wanted to pickup one of those plastic, very "maintenance shop" looking key holders on one of our recent trips to Home Depot and I begged him not to, promised I would come up with a style based solution. Thankfully, Piper Classics had this little gem.  Best splurge ever.

I also picked up those old keys hanging from the bottom of it.  We actually had a key that looked like that in the house I grew up in. It wasn't quite that big, but you get the drift.  Great website and store to checkout if you're into rustic/primitives. 

One other thing I love - the press on vinyl chalkboard.  We have these fun slide out pantry shelves that can't have anything in their way, and the wall that they pull out on is too big to just leave blank.  These fit the space perfectly.


That's a lot of pictures and I still have a lot more to share, so check out the final mosaic-o-details below.  I hope you see it as awesome as I do.  I now LOVE my kitchen and want to spend all of my time in it - which is huge for someone who's not a cook!  

Buster and Mati sure approve - now that it's done, they might get a little more playtime :)  

Though I started this process over two years ago, I did still find plenty of recent inspiration on Pinterest - especially this post on the Dear Lillie blog.  If this inspires you at all, please feel free to share any of it!

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  1. Looks wonderful!! I love the color, and all the touches you added. Now, just imagine with the island that you want!! GREAT job, honey!

    1. Thank you! I really would love a new, Amish made, black island, but I just can't find one with the storage I can get out of this cart!

  2. Looks fantastic, Jona! Very country-contempoarary-chic. :-)

    1. Thanks, Ces! I've never come up with a name for my style, hence "The Boho Willow" :) I like nice, clean lines, but I also love messy, rustic stuff. TJ's always telling me that he can just build what I like and then chain it to his truck to drag around for a day or two to get that look. Drives him crazy when I pay money for something that looks beat up.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I really do love my kitchen now :)


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