Sunday, January 13, 2013

Painting. Painting. Painting.

I've slowly been redoing our kitchen since 2011. Nothing looks the same as when we moved in.  I HATE painting, but I've spent all weekend priming and painting. I got a couple of quotes from pros, and I just couldn't justify over $1000 for something I can do, I just loathe doing.  Seriously - $1700 for one, and I'm sure they're good and all, but $1700???  The second quote was $1200, and I buy the paint.  So let's say $1300 at best.  No thanks, but man, I'm in the wrong business!  Oh yeah, except I HATE painting. 

I don't have any proper "before" pictures, like an idiot, but here's my stepdad and my husband working on the first project - floor tile.

Now, hopefully you can see a little better than the last post why it needed to be redone!  Very, very country.  I'm a folky willow tree kinda girl, but this was too much even for me.  As a matter of fact, when my husband found this house, he emailed me the MLS information with a note that said "Could you deal with this kitchen?"  I replied, "I can deal with changing it someday!"  In the photo he sent me, it was from the other far corner that you can't see in this shot.  You could see more of the cabinets where the cupboard itself was green, the raised wood was natural, and the inset panel was green and they had these awful bisque and very tarnished and dirty brass pulls. 

I didn't hate that chair rail border, but I really disliked the wallpaper, and both went back the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom as well.  Every inch of exposed wall in the kitchen had that striped wallpaper, as stained and beat up as it was.

The flooring was cheap tile look linoleum, and the previous owners must have gotten extra, because it's in our bathroom too.  Easy to clean, but ugly!  Lucky for me, my awesome stepdad does tile work for a living, so I found what I liked and he came up to install it one weekend.

Not long after the slate look ceramic tile was put down (as in the next week), I pulled the cabinets apart and painted them with Behr Heavy Cream in Satin finish and replaced all of the pulls with oil rubbed bronze cup pulls for the drawers and 3" straight pulls for the doors.   

Two weeks ago, I removed all the wallpaper over a full weekend, and this weekend, I spent 26 hours painting.  I still have to do the wainscoting and the trim, but already, it's SO MUCH BETTER.

A couple of sneak peeks that I posted to Facebook tonight...

In Progress..

Around the cabinets, all done!

After I get the rest of the wainscoting/trim all done, I need to replace the fan and the island, and maybe add a tile back splash, but I'm not completely sold on that yet.  Once that's all done, I'll be back for the big reveal (with much better photos to share!)

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