Sunday, January 6, 2013

I think I can, I think I can...

Well, hello, world!  I've always had a knack for visualizing something in my scary little head and being able to bring it to life.  These adventures have included baking and cooking, wedding and party planning, planting and pulling, demolishing and building, repurposing and up cycling, mixing, sanding, painting, scraping, you name it - and now, blogging.  To help with the creative hiccups, I've found so much inspiration through other blogs and Pinterest that I've been able to use in my life and home. We just bought our house a couple of years ago, so we are still very active with the "making it ours" projects.  Maybe I could also be of benefit to someone else as so many others have been to me. 

Having grown up in West Virginia and lived in Virginia (yes, they are two separate states), Ohio, Florida, and now Pennsylvania, I have developed a very unique "boho-rustic-modern" style, and I have always been a writer, even if it is only in my own mind, so what better than a blog of my very own?

Here are some ideas of what's to come...  My hope is that someone who doesn't mind digging in and refusing to give up will enjoy my randomness and this funky style and share it with their friends as well. 


  1. Love the name!! So you!

    1. Hey! My first comment :) Honest - not the mom answer - design?

  2. I love it! Very down to earth, like you.


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