Thursday, January 31, 2013

I made lotion bars!

Before I completed the kitchen project, I came across this on Pinterest (Check out Miss Information's blog - it's pretty awesome!)  Crock Pot lotion bars - I thought I'd give it a shot. No need to boil water and dirty 2 pots like the other recipes I've seen!  And man, while these were cookin', my house smelled wonderful.  Like chocolate and honey treats!  I didn't see any need to add more oils or scents.

I started with organic beeswax pellets (I decided pellets might melt faster), my trusty extra virgin organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, and slow cooker liners.  Yeah, something about cooking in plastic seems to make all of the "organic" worthless, but, it was easier to clean that way!

After I made sure the crock pot liner was tightly secured, I added equal parts of each of the products (1 lb. each) and turned it on low.  About 1/2 hour later, everything started smelling really good.  I just left it on until everything got all nice and melty, maybe 2 hours?    

I had purchased a little 8 oz. candy measuring cup ($.99 at Michael's) specifically for this project, so once it was all melted, I gave the yumminess a good stir and dipped the measuring cup into the Crock Pot to get portioned helpings. I poured each dose into mini and regular cupcake pans - with liners of course. I let it cool until everything was all set, and then I loaded them into GladWare containers and stuck them in the fridge. Three pounds of ingredients makes quite a bit, so I used all of these pans twice and one of the larger ones a third time.

It took me a while to figure out just how to package them up to ship and share with friends, I just got that figured out this weekend after we got done with the kitchen - I guess my creativity switch was on.  I didn't want to just mail out some baggies or Saran Wrap.  I picked up some 2 oz. and 4 oz. containers and some kraft paper not-so- "Print-to-the-Edge" labels and went to work.  Man, those labels were a pain - and I couldn't get my printer to print them, until I finally set the quality to "draft."  But, they were just the perfect size.

These are the larger ones.  I also got little cans for the mini ones - we'll call them trial sizes.  They didn't get cutesy labels, or a photo shoot.

My husband says I need to sell them to make some of the loot I spent on all the extras back, but I don't think so.  I'll just share with those who ask - and even with some that don't!  Besides, I think that's just his way of saying they look (and smell) pretty.  And they work, too.  I've been using one since I made it on my hands.  My knuckles get crazy bad in the winter, and along with using coconut oil every day, I do contribute the fact that they're not cracked and bleeding to these.  You just rub it on your skin and your body temperature softens it just enough to leave a little behind.

If you ever make these, just stay in the room while they're cooking.  The smell is SOOOOO worth it.

Word of caution - the cupcake pans were a bit of a PITA to clean up.  This isn't your typical candle wax that hardens as it gets cool, there was no chipping it off of the pans where I dripped, but, I finally got it done.

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  1. Oh, sounds wonderful! Maybe you should not only give as gifts, but begin a line for sale. So many people are into natural and organic for so many reasons. Maybe I can help!


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