Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hooray for the weekend!

My switch plates were delivered today and installed tonight and I am so happy with them.  The only thing is,  I was short one rocker and got an extra blank instead.  But, I'm sure I can find one that matches close enough at Home Depot.

The plan is to spend the weekend putting all of the other final touches on the kitchen and bring on the big reveal! It's turning out exactly how I had imagined it would.  That said - have you ever tried to come up with great looking window treatments for a sliding glass door?  It's been a nightmare, but 2 sets of curtains and a few bad purchases later (have you ever tried to work with this stuff created by Satan himself - frosted window film?), the final set of window dressings will work with some fine tuning.

I'd prefer not to have anything covering the window, but our neighbors between us and the woods (who are very nice people) decided to build a family room addition that's fit for a house on the side of a mountain with their floor to ceiling windows that face our kitchen.  So, cover ups are necessary. They don't need to see me stumbling out in the morning reaching for the Keurig or my husband prancing around in his boxers after work.  Yes, I said prancing.

I detest vertical blinds, and I've seen some great options with shutters, and even gates over at Funky Junk Interiors, but I need something quick, so curtains fit the bill.  However, there's a special challenge with curtains that hang too low in our house and his name is Buster. As long as he's around, I'll never have the designer, puddled-on-the-floor, look of proper drapery.

He's my little old man (at least 13), and as much as I wish it weren't true, "accidents" are a few times a week occurrence - but they aren't as much accidents as they are "some kind of fabric that he could reach" situations. Other than that, he's perfect.  That's him with his with his bigger, younger sister Mati.  Buster's the little guy in the front.  They, and our cat Sasha, are the fur babies that make every day just a little brighter, even when they do make a mess.  They were all rescues and I can't imagine life without them, even if they (one of them) has nasty habits that I just can't break.  As much as my husband wants me to, I just can't banish him to living out the rest of his life in the laundry room or garage.

Oh - and the sideways gate in the background?  That's the super duper high tech Dogs Getting Into the Cat Food Eliminator.  Something else that I need to try to make better.

Hoping for the reveal on Sunday and I hope there are some folks checking this out to see it.  :)  Happy weekend!!


  1. When you figure out a better solution for the super duper high tech Dogs Getting Into the Cat Food Eliminator let me know! Maybe then mine can go somewhere other than the kitchen table. My husband just LOVES sharing the table with our furry babies. lol. Short of something retractable from the ceiling I'm at a complete loss.

    TJ prancing!!! Ahahaha! Giddy up!

    1. The only thing I have thought of, short of building Sasha a big kitty jungle gym and perching the food on top, is a fireplace screen or a room divider. Might look a little better!


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