Sunday, January 27, 2013

An oldie but goodie DIY

It's 11:30 and I'm still Pinning.  But, that Pinning took me back to a past DIY project that turned out so well and I still absolutely love.

I was once a fan of keeping unfinished furniture looking unfinished.  Then I became a fan of black accent pieces. So one Saturday last year during Christmas break, the new Amish desk I had just purchased to complete my office revamp was my kick in the rear for this:

I didn't know then that I would someday want to start blogging, so I don't have photos of the entire process, and those I do have were shot with a cell phone, but here's a breakdown:

I started with unfinished wood.  If yours is not, use whatever process you use to get the piece looking like you want.  I removed the shelves and painted the entire unit with Martha Stewart Silhouette in Satin finish - my favorite for painting furniture.  I've done several pieces throughout our house in this paint and I just love it - it's the perfect creamy black, somewhere between charcoal and true black, and it works really well for primitive finishes as well. This bookshelf bottom looks especially shiny because I added some clear coat when I was done.  I didn't want to use my typical distressed finish on these pieces as they take quite a bit of abuse in my work from home office.

OK - so I started with unfinished wood, sanded the entire piece with a Black and Decker Mouse (best thing ever for redoing furniture!) and got it all prepped to paint.  You probably know how to get that far, so I'll move onto the fabric treatment in the back.

The bookcase is just about perfect for a yard of fabric.  I headed to Joann's to find the perfect piece, and then, once all of the paint was dry of course, I simply lined the back of the shelf with the fabric and used an Exacto knife to trim it to the perfect fit.  Add a little Mod Podge, stick the fabric back in, stretch and pull to position it just right, and there you go!  Easy peasy.  I also used a sponge brush to apply one very light coat of Mod Podge over the fabric once the bottom layer had dried just for good measure, and you can continue to add layers if you want it to look like a true painted finish.  I'm quite happy with knowing it's fabric.

By the end of the day, it was all put back together and I now have this in my office!  It really is amazing what a little paint and fabric can do.

Finding these old pictures may have just inspired me to try the same approach with the still unfinished wall behind the shelves built into my cabinets to complete my kitchen.  I've just added another choice - cut boards down to paint the same color as the walls, use those cut boards to do this (maybe with burlap?), tile the walls behind these shelves, or just cut a piece of metal like I want to get for behind the stove to fit? Painting that piece of wall is not an option - too many straight lines and too much white paint on the surrounding cabinets.  I'm looking for easy. Thoughts?

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